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Who has never wanted to learn how to unlock shareware programs without knowing exactly where to begin? Contrary to what might think, to unlock a program is not very precise knowledge. But the road is long and calm must prevail in the most unexpected moments. In face, a little knowledge of Assembler also help. The rest, is learning from practice.

Beginning of the START

If you want to learn how to unlock a program, we must learn to use the famous debuggers to analyse and unlock the codes of programmes. Of all out there, Hackman is the best because it is free, extremely efficient and has a rather suggestive name ... Programs such serve to monitor the operation of programs, check some potential bugs and also to hack software. Download Hackman at the Downloads of the page, install it and also download the program COBAIA.ZIP and extract it. He is a software test for you to experience the pleasure of breaking the limitation of an application.


The inner workings of a programme to register the software is basically the following procedure:


As we can see, the sequence of cases is relatively simple and has not changed much since the primórdio of time. Hence, we should bear in mind two things: 1) There will always be a place within the program where the password is stored, so be it explicit or implicit (encrypted), 2) There will always be within the program a COMPARISON between the code entered in Upon registration of the software with the original record of the program written in it.
Hence, there is not much secret to desvendarmos. Indeed, we need patience and cunning to run this program that both want and for which we do not have any crack, without having to spend a dollar of the original. Instead of waiting for someone to get the crack, we ourselves try to do so - although this is subject to another Hacker Space ...

In this issue we will do small exercises for the location of passwords within the programmes and also to the change of wording in the programmes most common (in part to serve for the translation of games and programs).


To start the game, turn the program COBAIA.EXE in your microwave. This program is nothing more than an example of simple application for registration. In a common situation, entering with the serial number indicated on the field and press the record button. Ready! From that moment, you become the latest user of the software in question. But as we do not know the password of the programme and not buy an original, all that remains to do is try to find some way of driblar, mislead or deceive the computer. Close the program, but still naum chore because not begin to enjoy some of hacker.

Start with the HACKMAN

Certainly the best friend in a contract of this size is a debugger or desassembler. These programs serve to analyse, test or simulate the operation of the programme together with the monitoring of the processor registers and other peripherals espetados in your microwave. This facilitates the test and location of errors in programs. Soon to open Hackman on your computer, you will see a screen similar to the FIGURE 1.

At that point the program still naum has no other open source software within its system and is waiting to open the program-victim.


From the menu bar of the HACKMAN, select FILE> OPEN> OPEN FILE COBAIA.EXE and open the program in its directory. Shortly after opening the program, the HACKMAN shows a screen similar to the FIGURE 2.

On this screen to the left, the codes are shown in the programme HEXADECIMAL debugado. To the right are the equivalents in ASCII code.
Be very carefully, because this first screen we can find clues of the code of destravamento. See that in the field of ASCII codes can identify a sentence in the midst of several blank spaces and other characters senseless.

The sentence in question is: "This program must be run under Win32."

To find this sentence, we can see how the structure of messages from the system. Note that the routine is used to print the character 0Dh to demarcate the end of a string. Now watching the screen and implementation of COBAIA.EXE can isolate some of the messages that the program displays and thus find parts of the code can be stored where the serial number of software.
List of screen record the words FIGURE 3.

appearing in the main bar of the program and "Geek Soft Corporation" to find them in the program. But why select precisely these words? Because within a programme, independent software development which has generated its code, usually all variables are allocated in the same region of code.

Assuming that the serial number is stored inside a variable within this region, costs nothing to give a bisbilhotada where these names appear to see if something naum next of these variables that may be sought as our code. In the menu of HACKMAN select EDIT> FIND and will appear in the Search box. But before entering the phrase for search, make sure you have selected the search in ASCII seek to prevent and find erroneous data. Make the search for the words above and see the result in FIGURE 4.

Try to play with data you found editing the fields. After you change the values of some variables, save the program using FILE> SAVE AS. Try again run the program. Trocamos the "Geek" from the phrase "GEEK SOFT Corporation" by the word "Hack" FIGURE 5

In theory, with that scheme, you can replace any word that appears within a program.
It is ridiculous, but this is a program hackeado. The problem is that naum there is some utility for what we have done. Change characters of a program is something simple to do. Hence, we will continue our search by serial number.

When the program is to register and enter numbers wrong, we received when the phrase "Senha_Errada" as a sign that naum had success in the attempt. According to the reasoning of checking numbers of series, we can say that the original code must be close to this routine. Hence, we seek a FIND and the phrase "Senha_Errada" in the program. To find the words, we see her next two words: Congratulations and GEEK13.

Analyzing the executable, it probably comes from a code that follows the logic below:

Code: if Field = 'GEEK13' then
/ / IF the variable Field is equal to GEEK13 SO
Status = 'Congratulations'
/ / The variable Status equals Congratulations
else / / SENÃO
Status: = 'Wrong Serial';
/ / The variable status is equal to Senha_Errada

Since we have two results (GEEK13 and Congratulations), we can by trial and error to know the correct password. Going beyond the programming and using common sense, One would imagine that "Congratulations" is the message displayed when you entered the correct password. Of course, this procedure is visible here and to Carla Perez would be able to unlock a program like this.

Hacking commercial software is a much greater challenge that we proposed. However, the commencement of any crackeamento is done using tools such as Hackman and other utilities Freeware, coupled with much training. What we did was state the path of stones. Venture to own account in the world hexadecimal codes and encrypted messages.


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