Get most out of your affiliate links

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It is very necessary to hide affiliate links of your sites. A simple tool for this solution:

What is the need for hiding affiliate links?

Visitors are now more intelligent than before. Most of the visitors are looking for genuine contents from the site. Normally affiliate links are long links with name or untidy description. Visitors are familier with these links and so there is only 10% chance of gettling clicks and visits on your affiliate links.

How can you hide affiliate links?

There are several methods to hide your affiliate links. Many of them includes long coding or scripting which can affect your server's performance. Event coding is not that much effective. A simple way to hide your code is to just visit

Why CuteLink?

* Cutelink offers you money for using it. read more..
* Cutelink is simpple to use.
* You can pick your link's name. That make it easy to remember.
* Hides your long or affiliate links from your visitors completly.
* Logged members can even change link's title.
* and many more..

Features available for Registered members:

* Money for every visits on their cutelinks.
* Custom page title for each cutelink.
* Full control over ther cutelinks. They can edit, delete their links.
* Status of each cutelink's performance.


Earn for nothing

Posted by tech master  |  at  7:59 PM

I have found the most full proof way to get a regular income from your blog/blogs. Its not a massive income but it will be regular. I have just signed up for it and I have been very pleased with how easy it has been.

This site will allow for you to get paid £3 for every ad that you place on your website/blog. You can have up to five websites, with up to four ads on each site (one per page).

The company pair your subject matter to the advert and give you a choice of which ad to select.

They pay by paypal and for signing up you get a £3 bonus payment.

So its an easy way to make something for all your blogging efforts.



Avoid USB devices Virus / Worms

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USB Devices like i-pod,pen drives e.t.c; brings viruses/worms which are bad since it disables a lot of features as well as it ruins memory the slows down the whole thing. It disables much of the removal process like Windows RegEdit.exe, MsConfig.exe and also TaskMan.exe. Variations of these also disables your keyboard during normal booting, floods your disk with virus files in the root directory and also the windows directory and some also floods your directory with Folder looking icons that is an executable..

So heres my tip in avoiding this:

1. Always make all files visible like system and also hidden files with their extension shown.
Go to Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Option > View
* Enable Show Hidden File
* Disable Hide Extensions for know file type
* Disable Hide Protected OS files

2. Never Use the Autorun functionality in Windows
whenever you put a disk(flash, memory card, usb drive devices and other form of removable drive) it is always a practice to scan it first. but to avoid being the first to be infected by a wild one, always use Windows Explorer to browse the files. Use the left side(Folder Window), to browse the files. Whenever you see an autorun.inf file, delete it! remove the disk and insert it again to avoid clicking it.
To disable autorun go to gpedit.msc >> computer config >> admin templates >> system >> turn off autoplay

3. Always update Virus database!


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