Runescape Money Making Guide

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RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game by British developer Jagex Limited, programmed in Java. With over 9 million active free players[1] and 850,000 paying members, RuneScape is one of the top online games in the world.[2] RuneScape offers both free and subscription content and is designed to be accessible from any location with an Internet connection and to run in an ordinary web browser without straining system resources.
RuneScape takes place in the imaginary realm of Gielinor, which is divided into the Kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin, the tropical island of Karamja, the Kharidian Desert, the Wilderness, and various other realms.[3] Players can travel throughout the realms utilising three methods: foot travel, vehicle assisted travel, and magical teleportation. Each region offers different types of monsters, materials, and quests to challenge players.
Players are shown on the screen as customizable avatars. They set their own goals and objectives, deciding which of the available activities to pursue. There is no linear path that must be followed. Players can engage in combat with other players or with monsters, complete quests, or increase their experience in any of the available skills.[4] Players can also interact with each other through trading, chatting, or playing combative or cooperative mini-games.

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Transform a CD-ROM Drive into a Car CD Player!

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How To Make The Adaptation

To be used as CD player, the CD-ROM drive doesn't need to be connected to the computer. This way, it is possible to easily transform a CD-ROM drive into a Car CD player. Sounds crazy? Not so. With this tutorial you will be able to have a CD player in your car without spending almost anything.

The CD-ROM drive to be use may be of any type, from the first models ("1x") until the most modern ones ("60x"). The only prerequisite is that the drive needs to have is an earphone plug and volume control. And practically all CD-ROM drives have that.

There are two great advantages in transforming a CD-ROM drive into a Car CD player. First, who will want to break your car window to take CD-ROM drive? And, secondly, since any type of CD-ROM drive can be used, you may take an old drive that is just dusting away in your house (for instance, a 2x drive from an old 386 computer), which brings the cost down to almost nothing.

To install a CD-ROM drive in the car, you will need a female power plug, to be used to fit into CD-ROM drive power plug (that plug can be cut from an old power supply) and a voltage regulating integrated circuit called 7805, that may be easily found at electronic parts stores. You will also have to buy a heat dissipator for the 7805 (sold at the same store).

The car battery is a 12 V one, but the CD-ROM drive needs two voltages to work: 12 V and 5 V. The 7805 circuit is able to convert a 12 V voltage into 5 V (its pin 1 is for the input, its pin 2 is the grounding, and its pin 3 is the 5 V exit). Figure 1 shows the plan for the connection. The grounding pin should be connected to the wires of the plug grounding and the negative pole of the car battery, what is done by simply connecting that pin to the metallic body of the car.

Figure 1: CD-ROM adaptor schematics.

All you have to do is to make the connections shown in the above schematics (don't forget to isolate all connections with insulating tape) and you are set: you will have a CD-ROM drive working as CD player in your car.
The audio output will be made using the earphone plug. To listen to a CD, you will have to use earphones. To have the sound come through the speakers of the car, you will have to buy an amplifier with RCA inputs and a stereo P2 (mini jack) x stereo RCA cable (the same type of cable used to connect Discman units to amplifiers). The stereo P2 plug (also known as mini jack), which is the one used for the earphones, should be fit at the earphone output of the CD-ROM drive, while the RCA plugs should be fit at the input of the amplifier. The volume control will be made using the volume control in the CD-ROM drive.
A last warning: in most CD-ROM drives, the reproduction button (play) and the advance button (skip) are on the same key. In other words, to skip a track, all you have to do is to press the play button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CD-ROM drive in use as a car CD player reproduce MP3 files?
No. If not connected to a computer, the CD-ROM drive will only work to play audio CDs. Music CDs in the MP3 format are recorded in the CD-ROM format. To read it, the unit forcibly needs to be connected to a computer. MP3 songs are not played by the CD-ROM drive, but rather by the sound card of the computer, and the machine processor is responsible for transforming the MP3 format into an audio format. Car CD players that play MP3 have a dedicated processor capable of reading the CD-ROM format and of converting MP3 files into audio ones. Since the common CD-ROM drive doesn't have such processor, it can not play MP3 files.
Can the same adaptation be made so CDs may be played in a domestic sound system?
Yes. To do so, the sound system must have an auxiliary input channel. However, to prevent the sound from getting distorted, you will have to use the audio output at the back of the CD-ROM drive and nor the earphone output, as mentioned last week. To do this, you will have to take the audio output cable from the CD-ROM drive and solder two RCA plugs - a black or white one (left channel) and a red or yellow one (right channel) – at the end that should be connected to the sound card of the computer. If you don't know how to do that, contact an electronics technician. To feed the CD-ROM drive you may use a power source from an old PC. One important detail: AT power sources have an on-off switch, but the ATX ones don't. If you will use an ATX power source, you will have to make a pin-14 connection (green wire), from the main plug of the source to any black wire to turn it on.
Won't the CD oscillate too much?
That will depend on the unit used (its manufacturer and model). Of course you cannot expect a CD-ROM drive to have the same stability of a car CD player. Remember that our tip is to assemble a car CD player spending nothing (or almost nothing). If you used our tip it is because you are possibly not willing to buy a car CD player.
Why should the connection between the CD-ROM unit and the amplifier be made using the ear phone output and not the one at the back of the unit?
That is because car amplifiers don't usually have volume control. If you use the output at the back of the CD-ROM drive – which doesn't have volume control either – the sound from the amplifier will always be at its loudest. We believe that this is not convenient. If you should use the output at the back of the CD-ROM drive only if you are to connect it to a pre-amplifier, equalizer, mixer, or home sound system, since they have volume control.



Advertise & Make Money Using YouTube!

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Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows - pdf full

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Just download this latest harry potter novel written by J.K. Rowling.
Harry potter series is the best novel series all around. You might also be a harry potter fan.

This Book is 100% Real and tested
So what are you waiting for go ahead and download and enjoy.

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If you have any problem with the links or if you find the links to be broken then please leave a comment on this post and i will fix it as soon as possible.


Microsoft surface

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You've probably heard about the Microsoft Surface - it's been all in the news. In case you haven't, it has a 30-inch touchscreen display in a 21-inch box that supports multi touch; It can be used by many people at once. It lets you pick up elements such as videos and images and drag and drop them around, like you would with a mouse-but only you use your hands! What makes it even more revolutionary is that you can put a digital camera and a mobile phone upon it, and they get detected automatically. You can then view images off the devices, or drag and drop images from the camera to phone. We can't do justice to it here-you'll have to see it in action!

I am excited about this kind of computing, but we doubt the Surface is going to end up in your home anytime soon-it's going to cost between $5000 and $10,000. I have heard it's going to be out around the end of this year.


Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold

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In an age where technology and flamboyancy meet, what you get is something like the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold. It's 18 carat gold plated; the scratch proof screen is saphire coated, supports a resolution of 208x208, and can do 262,144 colours. A colour matched Bluetooth headset and desktop stand comes with the bundle. A 2 mega pixel camera is thrown in along with the MP3 player and FM tuner. The MP3 player supports wide range of audio formats - MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC, WMA. Onboard memmory is 128MB. It lacks an expandable memory slot.

It costs $1200 excluding taxes.

Please click on the image to view clear image.


Yahoo Messenger vulnerabilities

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A pair of serious vulnerabilities have been reported in the Yahoo messenger.

In the first vulnerability, a remote attacker could compromise a machine running a webcam on Yahoo messenger by causing a buffer overflow in its ActiveX component when the user visits a webpage with malcious HTML code. The result is that more data is sent to the RAM than it can handle, causing the program or other services running on the computer to crtash, or the execution of harmful code. The second exploit causes a buffer overflow in the file ywcvwr.dll, which is used in the viewer component of the messenger.


Yahoo has released a patch for the exploits, stating that everyone using their messenger should download the updated version from


Virtual weapons in real life - 1

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Instant Gratification

This weapon was made famous in the Quake genre, which allowed players a one-shot-kill on the opponents at the speed of light... now who wouldn't want this baby?

A weapon like this is being worked on. DARPA (United states Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been researching this for 10 years, and work continues. They are working on projectiles that do not contain explosives, but have extremely high kinetic speeds, which would, in theory make their kinetic energy superior to the energy output of a shell filled with explosives of greater mass. This would then enable soldiers to carry more ammunition.

There is working prototype at the University of Texas at Austin's institute for Advanced Technology, capable of delivering tungsten-armour-piercing bullets with kinetic energies of nine million joules-that's like ramming a ton truck into a wallat 80 Kmph! The only problem is that since the shells are fired at an extremely high velocity, the rail of the gun suffers from extreme damage, and has to be serviced aftyer every shot.

Nevertheless, we can't wait to see this one in action!


Create your own linux distro

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1. Install ubuntu. You'll need to be running in ubuntu while you create the distro.

2. Make a list of all essential programs you need. I chose The GIMP, Gaim, VLC media player etc to make the distro complete.

3. We now need a program to do our work. We chose Reconstructor

4. Fire up Reconstructor with "sudo python" in your Linux terminal, and you'll be told which dependencies you need to install before you run Reconstructor.

5. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package manager > settings > Respositories to make sure the Universe and Multiverse repositories are selected. Open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install squashfs-tools gcc rsync libbogl-dev libus-plash-dev gpg dpkg-dev fakeroot apt-utlis" in the terminal window. You need to be online for this to work.

6. After downloading the dependencies, start Reconstructor again and you'll be greeted by a welcome screen.

7. In the new screen, select the "Create Remaster", "Create Root", and "Create Initial Ramdisk" options.

8. The last option in the window asks for the location of the main Ubuntu ISO file, which will be used to replicate the directory structure. Click the "..." button next to Live CD ISO Filename option, and navigate to where the Ubuntu ISO file is located; then click next.

9. The screen is divided into different tabs, the first being "Boot screens". This is where you change the first screen that is shown and also the image shown after you select boot options. To select the image, click on "Generate" button. Select the image and choose where to save it. Reconstructor will copy it to the correct directories, automatically giving you the custom screens.

10. The "Gnome" tab allows you to change the default login screen, theme, and fonts of the Ubuntu software after it's installed. You can either select one of the default themes, or click "..." button next to the theme selection option and import a custom theme.

11. The "Apt" tab allows you to select the repositories you want available during the live CD customisation phase. What impressed me most was that based on the version of Ubuntu you're using as a base, Reconstructor automatically chooses the corresponding repositories.

12. The next tab- "Live CD"- you can set the default username, password and hostname of the computer.

13. Once done, move over to the next tabcalled "Modules"- the soul of the program. Towards the bottom half of the screen, you'll find options to install or remove custom programs from the list above. Here you can add any program especially the essentials i mentioned in the second step.

Once you have all the modules and customisation in place, click on Apply button to go ahead and compile your very own linux distro.


Gaming now officially a disease!

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The shrinks at the American Medical Association are moving to officially recognise "Internet/video gaming addiction" as a disorder. What this means is that lawyers will, in the future, attempt to blame "gory video games" for crimes ranging from eveteasing to mass murder, and use the medically recognised disorder to bolster their defences.

When it comes to complaints, the online multiplayer game Everquest tops the charts.

However, Sony online entertainment, the company behind Everquest, denies any wrongdoing, stating: "I guess our standpoint is the same as all kinds of products-you have to be responsible in using it."


Mobile phone Hacking | How to modify a cell phone

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Give MSN a vista look

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Windows Vista Messenger is a full Windows Live Messenger skin by Nuno Peralta that gives the software's backgrounds, buttons and overall look the typical Windows Vista style treatment. It might take a few minutes to get used to because some buttons were reorganized, while extra shortcuts have been added. Among the bonus features are status changing from within the conversation window, disabled ads, selectable nicknames, display picture thumbnails in the contact list , and more.
Windows Vista Messenger needs to be installed over the final version of Windows Live Messenger (8.1.017. Here's how:
1) Shutdown Windows Live Messenger COMPLETELY.2) Go to Start > Run and execute %programfiles%/MSN Messenger or go to your MSN Messenger directory.3) Rename msgsres.dll to msgsres.bak.4) Rename newemail.wma, nudge.wma, online.wma and type.wma all to *.bak5) Unzip the files inside the archive into your Messenger directory.6) Start Windows Live Messenger again.NOTE: To uninstall, just rename the *.bak files to their original extensions.

Download it here


iPod hack - LinuxPod

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The current most popular hack is installing Linux on your iPod. Why would you want to run Linux on your iPod? Because you can use your iPod for a variety of other functions otherwise not possible with the regular OS. The install program PODZILLA is a barebones flavour of Linux with a GUI that runs on the iPod's tiny screen.

With Podzilla running on the iPod, one can get the age-old PC game DOOM to run on the iPod.


Nokia Aeon

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The Nokia Aeon is definetly one of the sleekest looking phones we've come across-perhaps only rivalled by Apple's iPhone. The surface is split into two touch-sensitive areas, seperated by a solid divider that will house the fuel cell. Also, thanks to the two touch-screen areas, you can switch control to either one for a different sort of application, such as a media player or a text pad, for example. Rumors say this phone can also monitor your health.


Bluetooth Hacking - LIVE DEMO

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What they says

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