Game for public welfare

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A thai game developer, is developing a goodness game. That's not what he calls it, but the aim of the game is to be good - according to the tenets of Buddhism. These happen to be : do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie, and do not drink alcohol. Now we haven't seen a game where you get points for quaffing on a bottle of jack, but except for that, you pretty much do all the rest of those no-nos in today's games.

Pakorn Tancharoen is a senior officer in Thailand's Religious Affairs Department. He got concerned by modern impact of gaming when he heard about a boy who attacked his mother when she wouldn't pay for an online gaming session.

Tancharoen went to extent of developing this game where you follow three children on a pilgrimage with a wise old monk. You have to deal with obstacles along the way, of course, but you have to be good while doing it. No fragging old monks. No fragging monkeys,either - even shooting animals will cost you points.

People can download the game at
But remember the game is in thai.


Vista upgrade prank

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I found a nice application while searching with google which can be used to fool your friends.

When someone runs the application, it pretend to run vista upgrade Advisor and then install vista. But it does nothing of that kind. After the installation it shows the desktop of vista for sometime and then exits with a message that it was a prank.

Download it


Mylot trick

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Many of you might be a member of Mylot.
As you all know that Mylot does not allow to copy and paste posts till your rating reaches 500. But i have a trick through which you can copy and paste posts in mylot, no matter what your ranking is. For this you don't require any script or software.

It is very simple like adding songs in window media player. Just select the text you want to copy to mylot, instead of 'copy and paste', you just drag the text and drop it into the mylot text box.

This tricks will not work if you want to copy posts from notepad or wordpad.
It will only work with Microsoft office (word, frontpage, powerpoint etc.)


AdLogger - Protect your adsense with this script

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AdLogger intends to prevent click-fraud on your websites by tracking visitors clicks and limiting the number of clicks one may make. AdLogger tracks AdSense clicks in real time and compiles the data for you to review.
The script determines if ads should be shown for a visitor depending on their clicking history. If one of your visitors is clicking too many ads, the script will automatically disable ads for that visitor so they won’t be allowed to click any more.
Requirements In order to install AdLogger, your server must meet a couple basic requirements. * PHP * MySQL * GD Library (optional)
Unzip the AdLogger package and upload it to your website using your favorite FTP program. The “adlogger” folder should reside inside your public_html or http directory such that it is accessible by going to www.domain.tld/adlogger/.
At this point, you can also change the permissions on the configuration files. Your FTP program most likely lets you CHMOD files to different permission levels. The 3 configuration files within the adlogger folder (config_admin.php, config_database.php, & config_settings.php) to writable status (0666).
Database Setup
To install AdLogger, you must have an available database on your server. Your host more than likely has a control panel that makes it easy to administer databases. You will need a database and a database user.
Script Installation
Once the database exists, we can start the AdLogger installation. Visit the adlogger directory by visiting www.YourSite.tld/adlogger. The installation wizard will guide you through the rest, asking just a few basic questions.


Avoid compulsory registeration on many websites

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Many websites on internet need you to register to acess the information, like many forums force you to register to have acess to their discussion pages. Below are some techniques that i found to bypass compulsory registrations on websites.

Bugmenot- Free login Details to bypass compulsory registration
Bugmenot is a groovy website to find and share logins for websites that force you to register. Just fill in the web adress in the search box and Login details will be provided if available for that particular site.
Also you can download Bugmenot Firefox Extension to bypass compulsory web registration via Firefox’s right-click context menu.

Google Bot
Most of the websites today get maximum number of visitors from google. So all the websites including ones that require registration, would like to see their content indexed by Google. Therefore as soon as they detect the google bot, they allow it to acess pages that are normally restricted to human users, so if a normal human being visits the website using a web browser, he is politely redirected to the “Please register first” webpage.There is a cool Firefox Extension called Firefox User Agent Switcher that lets you switch the user agent so that the reg-only website is fooled to think that you are a web spider.You can download the Firefox user agent switcher extension here . After downloading and installing the extension you have to do the following:-Goto Tools>>Extensions>>Select User Agent SwitcherClick Options button and select User Agents from the Sidebar.Then click Add to add new User Agent.In the description box write “Google Bot” and in the User Agent Box write “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; googlebot/2.1; +” .Done. Enjoy !

You can also change IE's user agent by the method given below:-

Copy the following code into notepad and save it as a .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]

Now double-click the file to merge it into registry. In order to change back to the default user agent use this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]
@="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)"

Unfortunately, this only works with IE and not Opera. There is no way to add new user agent in Opera AFAIK.

Now for some practice. One good example is Anybody who has tried to visit this website will find that it requires you to register in order to view the forum. But registering is tricky. You need to submit your own article to the site afterwhich they will evaluate it and then decide whether to give you membership or not. Now visit this forum after spoofing your IE's user agent, aaha you are welcomed!!!

Note, that this method might not work with all websites.

Google cache
This trick even work on some websites that usually require paid registration in order to access their content. Find the exact page that you want in a list of Google search results. For example, if you know there’s a page on that has some data about turtles that is only accessible to registered users, you can search on google for “ turtles”. Once you find the link to this article, you can simple click on “Cached” to see what version Google has.


Get paid to answer

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After reading the title you would be thinking that i this post i am talking about some freelance sites. But here i am not talking about freelance sites, i am talking about Askville.

Askville is something like Yahoo! Answers. It is a site where knowledge can be discussed and shared. You can ask any kind of question you want. A person in the community who shares the same interests and has knowledge on the topic can reply to the question. There can be upto five answers.
The main thing here is that you're awarded experience points based on how good your answers are. Voting on the quality of answer happens after the question has been closed-seven days from the day of posting. The 'best answer' earns 15 points, 'great answer' earns 10 points and a wrong answer gets -5 points.
As you gain points you move up levels; you earn coin payouts according to the level you are in. These can be redeemed at amazon.


Action games improve vision

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After reading the title of this post you would be thinking that how this is possible. But it is possible.

Assuming university of Rochester researchers proved that students who played action video games a few hours a day for a month improved their preformance by 20 per cent at 'clutter test' - something like a standard eye-test.

Chosen for the research were students at the University who hardly played games. Then those students were given the clutter test. This consists of the following: one needs to identify the oreintation of a 'T' thrown somewhere in a clutter of symbols. Then the students were divided in two groups - one group played Tetris for about an hour a day, and other played Unreal Tournament.

After a month, the tetris players hadn't improved and Unreal Tournament players had improved at clutter test.
This proves that action games improves vision.

Now you can tell your parents about this and ask them to buy some good action games for the sake of vision.


Live Search Vs. Google

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Good news for corporations in US. Microsoft has offered to pay if companies
force employees to use its Live Search engine. Now befor you start jumping up and down screaming foul and shooting off letters to your favourite, Google, you should Know that Microsoft is not paying jut anyone who uses Live Search, well, not yet at least. Instead, it is conducting a study on how well Live Search does in catering to corporate clientele. They're not paying up hard cash either, instead, They're offering the corporations free service for credits (redeemable for products or training). The current rate is $25000 for enrolling, and anywhere between $10 and $2 per computer, per year, depending on the amount of searching done. What this means is that a company with 20,000 computers, all of them using search frequently, can earn up to $255,000, just by using live search.

Now lets wait and see what google have to say about it.


Boost Your Affiliate Sales With Free Articles

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Free Articles continue to be one of the most effective ways of quickly generating traffic and sales, without paying for advertising.
But how can you use free articles to promote an affiliate link? Putting your affiliate link in your Resource Box is not going to work, for a number of reasons:
- people can easily remove your affiliate ID
and just visit the main website of the affiliate
program (you get no commission)
- an affiliate link makes you look like just another
beginner, instead of an expert with something
unique to offer
So how do you use articles to promote affiliate products? Here are some strategies:
(1) Turn your website into a 'Marketing Resources Directory'
On your website display book covers and provide brief reviews for a range of eBooks or software that deal with web marketing.
You could divide your directory into categories: Web Marketing (general), Affiliate Programs, Search Engine Positioning, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Ezine Publishing, etc.
In your Resource Box at the bottom of your article you could say: John Doe shows webmasters how to succeed in online business. Visit his collection of marketing resources at:
(2) Write a Free Report
Write a free report on web marketing and turn it into an exe format free e-Book.
Your free report might have 5 or 6 chapters, each chapter dealing with a different aspect of webmarketing (Affiliate Programs, Search Engine Positioning, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Ezine Publishing etc).
In each chapter you would include recommendations (and your affiliate link) for e-Books or software that deal with that topic.
Your Resource Box could say: John Doe shows webmaster show to succeed in online business. Download his free report, 'Web Marketing In 5 Easy Steps':
(3) Customize the affiliate links in Free e-Books
Most web marketers produce free or trial versions of their e-Books, and in many cases the order links in these free e-Books can be customized with your affiliate link.
You could build a directory of these free e-Books, each customized with your affiliate link.
The Resource Box at the bottom of your article might read: John Doe shows webmasters how to succeed in online business. Visit his collection of free e-Books today:
(4) Use your Resource Box to get new subscribers to your Newsletter and then promote your affiliate programs in your Newsletter.
This is the strategy most people use. But promoting your affiliate links in a weekly Newsletter is a subtle art - the best way to learn is to join the Newsletters of marketers who specialize in this and study their techniques.


Some cool online games (MMORPGs)

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Here i am going to talk about some good games that can be played online. Remember, these are not like other common online games (puzzle,sports etc.). These are like one of the best games which you play on your Pc.
And the best things about the games listed below is that they are free.


Runescape is an MMORPG that requires comparatively low hardware rig to run on. The controls are all mouse based, as simple as left click to go to an are and right click to get options for an item.
The sound is average, to be honest, and get irritating. The map, however is very huge and can take days to explore. It is a very popular game.


It has great graphics and sound, and has a completely fantastic theme. Despite the high-detailed graphics, the game plays well over slower net connections.

You can choose to play as either a dwarf, human, dark elf, necromancer or troll. As with all RPGs, you need to complete few missions to gain experience points to make you better equipped to handle the world you're thrust into

The game is tough at first, but if you make right friends, you can last a lot longer. You also lose experience each time you perish.

Final Fantasy XI

This game has wonderful graphics, but is simply not playable on slower net connections.

The game is typical MMORPG, and you need to gain experience and skills in your chosen fields by playing more and more. In order to survive here you need to form groups.

World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the leader in the world of MMORPGs. It is considered to be the best MMORPG by far.

Most of the gameplay is like other MMORPGs. The major difference is the way in which battles are done. The battles are much faster-paced than in any other game, and the graphics and good sound effects add to the whole feeling of playing a good game. The game is faster than any other game.

I think World Of Warcraft is the best MMORPG.

0 comments: - get paid to promote

Posted by tech master  |  at  7:25 PM is a URL shortening site enabling you to turn a long URL into a shorter new URL "nuURL". You can easily reduce the length of your URL by using this FREE service. You will also be able to track how many hits your receive to your URL as well as being able to edit it in the future if desired. At first look it looks like other URL shortening services but it is different from them.
After reading till here you would be thinking how i can make money from this.
Here is your answer : just register at to shorten your site's link and then promote your shortened link, for promoting your link you will be paid. You will be paid on the basis of hits your site gets. Remember, that you will only be paid when visitors reach your site through shortened url given by

It pays through PayPal or E-gold.


Become rich by playing game

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Do you play games online on sites such as
If your answer is yes then stop it.
There are some sites which pays you money for playing games.
Some sites which pay for playing games are wealthwars and exodus3000.

Wealthwars is better than exodus3000 (in my opinion).

In both the games, you have to search around mountains, enemy bases etc for money. You can also stole money of different members. You can also buy different weapons. If you have good weapons then it is difficult for other members to steal your money.

I got paid many a times from wealthwars, but i never got paid from exodus3000 because i have never reached the payout limit.
Now i have stopped playing both the games because now i am busy with my blog.


Make that dollar

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Make that dollar
another good site where your can make money very easily sitting at home.
It pays you for completing various offers, for signing up to sites or registering to newsletters, for clicking on banners and text links, for completing online surveys, for winning monthly contests. You can also refer friends to earn even more.

There are many other sites like this which pays your for completing different offers such as , etc.
But i don't trust these type of sites, i have never earned money from these sites. About 1 year ago i have registered on and completed many offers. At that time it was showing that there are $27 pending in my account. Till now the site is showing that there are $27 pending in my account (i last checked it 2 days ago). I don't know when my $27 are going to be approved. It is possible that i would have done some mistakes while completing surveys but then in this case they should reject my pending $27. They are neither approving nor rejecting.
But many other people are earning hundereds of dollars per month through these sites. So if you want you can also give a try to these sites.


What they says

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