Get TUX onto your USB drive

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For the purpose of this workshop, we will use Damn Small Linux - It's the smallest distro for USB drives. You could also use distros like Puppy or SLAX.


1. A USB thumb drive, 256 MB or larger, with USB 2.0 recommended.
2. A PC that can boot from USB device.
3. The Damn Small Linux (DSL) Distro.
Click here to download it.
4. Syslinux V3.11.
Click here to download it.
Click here to download it.


Insert your drive into USB slot. Download and install the HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL, then run it. Use the following settings in the HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL dialog box:
1. Device: The name and capacity of your storage device
2. File system: FAT
3. Volume label: Name it as whatever you want
4. Confirm the Format by clicking YES.
5. Once the format is complete, you'll get a list with information about the file system, volume, etc. about your device. Click OK.

Extracting the neccessary files

Download and extract the DSL distro to the root of the USB device using WinZip or any other extraction software. Then download and extract all the files from to a folder named Syslinux on your primary hard drive, that is, "X:\Syslinux", where X is the drive letter of your primary hard drive.

Open a command prompt ( Start > Run > cmd), type in "cd X:\Syslinux\win32" and press Enter. Then type in "syslinux.exe -f Y:"(where Y represents the drive letter of the USB device). Hit Enter. Close the command prompt.


Keep your USB device plugged in, and reboot your PC. Enter the BIOS and set the boot order with the USB device first. Save your changes and exit BIOS.
If all goes well you will be presented with DSL's boot screen. Press Enter to continue the boot process.


Cheat in games without cheat codes

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Sometimes we find that a game is very difficult. At that time we think to use cheat codes but then we realize that we don't know the cheat codes of the game. Then there is no option left for us other than to quit the game.

After reading this full article, you'll never find it difficult to cheat in a game.

To Cheat in games without cheat codes, we'll have to download a memory editor 'Artmoney'. There's a freeware and a pro version available for the download. Freeware version has limited features but it is sufficient for most of the games.

Here, as an example, i have used spider solitare.

1. Open spider solitare and set your eyes on something that you want to change. As and example, we'll use the score of 500, which you have initially in the game. Open Artmoney and click on 'select process' dropdown box, and select 'Spider Solitare'. Try to keep the game window visible in the background. Next, click Search and enter 500 in the box, under Type, select 'All (standard)'. Don't bother with the rest; click OK, and we move to next step.

2. All right, don't be discouraged by search results; these are simple from a search of the entire memory the game is using, which means all adresses in your memory that have a value of 500 are shown on the left-hand side.The trick is that only one of these results contains your score, and you have to find out which one. To do this, switch back to game and play a bit to change your score, and note down your new score. Inmy case it's 495. Now switch back to Artmoney; see that button called filter?Click on it, enter '495' in the text box, and click OK.
What this does is, it goes through all previous results and sees if any of the results have changed to new value, which is 495, and shows only the adresses that have been changed to 495 on the left side. Neat, isin't it? Keep sieving until the number of results in the left hand pane won't reduce, and then use the arrow in the middle to add those results for your editing pleasure.

3. All set aand finished, you have the score in your hands. You can basically do anything you want with it. God mode, literally!Go ahead and right-click on the value to the left and click Edit, enter '100', and press 'Enter'. Switch back to the game and check your score: your score in the game is now 100, and you can continue playing normally with the modified score. If you want your score to stay the same, you can 'Freeze' the score by clicking the checkbox at the far left in the right pane of your value. One thing to be noted is that the freeze function is not a real 'freeze' per se; it will only constantlyscan the value for changes, and if any, change them back top the value we stated for it. So if you are trying to get to achieve god mode, but something in the game takes down all 100 of your health in fraction, the 'death' function will trigger in an instant and you will die before the freeze function can change the value back to 100. So if you are stuck in a situationlike this, you're pretty much dead.

Cheating this way in most multiplayer games is out of question since the values are stored on the server. Even if you succeed, you will be easily detected and rightfully kicked or banned off the server.

Have some decency and don't even try using Artmoney in multiplayer games.


Get full control of others pc

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Follow the link below and download a program to hack others pc.

Click here to download

How it works :-

»kills firewall to insure good ftpying
»starts on startup and is hidden from user
»lowers windows security and stops all updates.
»the error msg shown is removed

How to use :-

»send this file to victim.
»after victim runs the file goto run>cmd>
»type telnet
where is the static ip of the host!!
»now it would prompt you to enter username and password
hit enter
»congrats you have entered into victim's pc!!
use basic dos commands to traverse within and run programs on his pc!!

compatible with :-

»all windows version except vista - vista doesn't support telnet
»all unix pcs!!

If you find that link is broken or if you are not able to download the file then please leave a comment here and i will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Get free rapidshare premium account

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While surfing, i begin out a fresh acceptable armpit which gives you chargeless rapidshare account.
To get your rapidshare annual you will aloof accept to accredit some bodies to accompany their armpit and they will accord you your rapidshare exceptional account.

When you will go to the armpit you will see two options, aboriginal is chargeless rapidshare exceptional annual for 1 month. To get a rapidshare exceptional annual for 1 ages you will accept to accomplish alone 5 referals.
Second advantage is chargeless rapidshare annual for 3 months. For this, you will accept to accomplish 12 referals.

To annals on the site, aboriginal you will accept to baddest which rapidshare exceptional annual you appetite - 1 ages or 3 months. Again afterwards alternative annal bottomward and access your email-id and countersign and again the allotment will continue.

Click actuality to get your chargeless rapidshare exceptional account


HTC Advantage

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The HTC Advantage X7500 mighht look like some sort of tiny laptop, but it's more than that. You get a practical, usable keyword and a 5-inch screen. It is powered by a 624 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM and 8 GB of space - quite a bit for a mobile device such as this. No fear of getting lost either - the HTC Advantage comes with an inbuilt GPS unit that uses TomTom Navigator 6. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G are all implemented. There are two cameras - a 3MP still camera, and a standard VGA camera for video. The latest version, the X7501, comes with Windows Mobile 6 but without the second (video) camera. The price for the HTC Advantage X7501 is rumoured to be around $900.


Use mail function on hosts that disable it

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Alright, as most of you know a lot of sites has PHP in safemode for security reasons. Safemode doesn't regulate too many things and most scripts, CMS', forums can work with safemode. But for some other things it cripples it.

For instance the mail() function is not allowed to function unless using an SMTP server. But if you have created a custom script there is not real simple way to do this, there is no play SMTP parameter. You have to find an alternate way of doing it. After going through many scripts that do this I have finally found one that works with this host (don't know why others didn't work).

This script need no configuration and only requires you to change 3 things in your script to function. Ok so let's get started.

Step 1: Download
First you will need to download the script from here:
Click here to download

Step 2: Unzip & Upload
After you have it unzip the contents onto your computer and then upload "email.php" to your website.

Step 3: Configure
Now go into your script and add the following link to the top and also put "<" just before the code given below and place ">" just after the code given below.
? require_once("path to file/email.php"); ?

Changing path to file depending on where it is.

After that all you need to change in the script is:




That should be it and it should work now, try sending a test to yourself.


Multiple login in yahoo messenger Without Using any Software

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Using this trick you will be able to login with many yahoo id's at same time.

1. Go to Start ----> Run . Type regedit, then enter.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_ USER --------> Software --->yahoo ----->pager---->Test
3. On the right page , right-click and choose new Dword value .
4. Rename it as Plural.
5. Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.

Its done!!

Now open yahoo messenger and login with any yahoo id. Then again click on yahoo messenger icon. You will see that another yahoo messenger opens in which you can login.

Before this tweak, you will open yahoo messenger and login with any yahoo id and again when you click on yahoo messenger icon to login with other yahoo id then other new messenger will not be opened, the same will again pop-up which you've opened before.


Add your own radio, guestbook, calendar, news, chat rooms etc and also find web 2.0 sites

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In this article i am writing about some cool websites.


It is the ultimate website for webmasters (especially personal site owners). It is very cool site. It gives you tons of options to give your site a unique look.
It provides many tools which you can integrate in your site. For example you can add guestbook, email forms, calendar, photo album and many many more things to your site.

This is not the end of Bravenet, it also provides free web hosting with databases, ftp account and email account. You can also buy domains or if you have one then you can transfer it to your hosting account provided by Bravenet.

It also provides many other resources.
It is impossible to tell every feature of it here. You just register and yourself see what it is.

2). Tornado stream

This site allows you create radio station of your own. You just have to register and then you can search their vast database of songs and add them to your radio. You can create as many radio stations as you want. And then you can also integrate them in your website or blog or myspace profile. Below i have added a sample radio which i have created.


If you've heard about web 2.0 and are wondering where all web 2.0 sites are, this where you go. It is compilation of web 2.0 sites. The directory is laid visually, with each site's logo in a small rectangle. Hover over any rectangle and you get a tool-tip like popup that will show you further info about the site. Click on the site and more info is displayed in the bottom pane that slides up.


Create your own WAP site for mobiles

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Ever tried building WAP site for yourself? The best place to make those swanky little sites that load off mobile phones, of the type you've always wanted to make, is at is the one-stop shop for all your WAP-site-building needs. An online, java-based WAP site builder can be accessed from the site.

Once you have created your account, you can browse through the 20,000-odd members' WAP sites hosted at

The WAP site maker is simple graphical interface, like the type you see when composing an email: it lets you change the background image and colours on the site.You can add hyperlinks and images, and make unlimited number of pages, too. Each WAP site alloted 1 MB of space, which should allow you to host approximately 30 full ringtones.

The site also offers a lot of free content-a collection of games, wallpapers, and ringtones-from its PC-based website.


The fastest internet connection on the planet

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Sigbritt Lothberg, a 75 year old granny in sweden, just got a 40 Gbps internet connection.

Its about 20,000 times faster than 2 Mbps, and 6 Lakh 40 Thousand times faster than a dial-up.

Interesting how such news spreads with such rapidity over the fibres, as it were... Lotherberg's home connection happens to be the fastest residential Internet connection on the planet.

Lotherberg can download a full-length dual-layer DVD in two seconds, or watch 1500 HDTV channels streamed simultaneously.

Let's see what Lotherberg might do with her connection, in increasing order of horror:
1. Download windows updates
2. Chat with relatives abroad
3. Play Yahoo! games with jovial granny-friends right in Sweden
4. Search for recipes online.


Make a USB drive a key to boot into XP

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The USB booting feature is usually found in most new motherboards. For older boards, a BIOS update is required.

For this task, a USB drive of capacity of at least 256MB is required.

Use the "USB Disk Storage Format Tool" from HP for formatting the USB drive. Choose the USB Drive to be formatted, and select "FAT" under "File System". Enter a name of less than 11 charactersfor Volume Label, and click Start to begin formatting. For a 1.1 USB port, this takes no more than a minute.

After having selected "Show hidden files and folders" and deactivating "Hide protected operating system files", navigate to the root directory on which the windows is located, usually C:\. Copy the boot.ini, ntdlr, and NTDETECT.COM files from that directory to the USB flash drive. Rename the "boot.ini" in C:\ to "boot.bak". Windows will now not be able to boot from the harddisk and the USB drive will be the key to unlocking the computer.

Now to check whether you USB drive works or not! Restart your computerand selectthe USB drive as the First Boot device in the BIOS. For this test, deactivate the "Quick boot" and "Show Full Screen Logo" options in order to be able to monitor any BIOS-reported activities. Also, the "USB Legacy Support" and USB 2.0 Controller" options need to be activated if available. Save your changes and exit the BIOS and restart.

If you encounter any problem booting then leave a comment here and i will try my best to help you.


Hide Themes, screensaver, Appearance, settings and also prevent changing of desktop wallpaper

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You can hide the themes, screensaver, appearance and settings in the "Display Properties" window using the Group Policy Editor.

To start it, go to Start > Run, type in "gpedit.msc" and press "OK".

Go to "User configuration" tab and then to "administrative templates". Then go to "Control Panel", and there select "Display".
Double click "Hide Appearance and Themes tab", then click the "Enable" radio button.Click Apply, then OK. Your "Appearance" tab will disappear from the display properties.

In the same way, you can select "Hide screen saver tab", and "hide settings tab" to hide screensaver and settings from the display properties. Similarly you also prevent changing of wallpaper.


What they says

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