Freeze Breeze

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Ever had to deal with sweaty palms after playing for seven hours straight? Worry
no more: Logitech has launched the chillstream Gamepad for the convenience of
PS3 folk. This one has air vents towards the bottom on both sides of the
controller, which have fans that blow cool air onto your palms, so you are at
your agile best when fragging the enemy on a new map.

The "low" setting just blows air onto your palms-what really makes it buzz is
"high" setting, where it starts to get a bit noisy too.

THE GOOD: Keeps palms dry, looks similar to the PS3
SIXAXIS controller

THE NOT-SO-MUCH: Not wireless, can get noisy

Price: $35

Available at:



Yo-Yo strap

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I am glad someone took those funny images of Wii-motes embedded in TVs seriously
enough to make the retractable Wii-mote Wrist Strap. This contraption features a
strong cord connected to a retractable device, embedded into a wrist strap,
which connects to your Wii-mote. The retractable device will soon get loose,
though, making it another plastic projectile that people around you in the room
should watch out for!

The Good : The wrist strap looks cool

The Not-So-Much : You don't to be in the way when
your Wiimote makes its return journey

Price :$6



Froogle is gone

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Google has rechristened Froogle to "Google Product Search". now points to, and it looks like they're putting in a bigger effort to make this for products what Google is to web search. It's still completely US-biased, but it still serves as good price indicator for the stuff you want to buy.


Copy files from rapidshare directly to your webhost without downloading and uploading them

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I think all of you would be knowing about rapidshare (best file host). You might be using rapidshare to download various scripts. Some scripts might be very large. It takes time to download and upload especially if you're on a slower connection.

Through this hack you can directly copy files from rapidshare to your webserver.For this you only need FILESNATCHER and a proxy script installed on your server. Now, copy the link of the file which you want to download in the adress bar of your browser and then run it. Now, if that file is available then you will be shown a page. Scroll down and click on free button. When you will click on free button then a new page will open, in the new page when the countdown begins (time you have to wait before downloading the file) right click with your mouse and select viewsource.
When you will select viewsource some code will be shown to you. In that code search for string similar to the string given below :-


the string can be smaller than this or bigger than this.

Now,select the whole string and then open in a new window.When you will open this website you will be shown two text boxes.Copy the string which you have copied into the first textbox and click 'quickconvert'.When you will click on 'quickconvert', in the next text box some new code will appear.

In the new code,you will see 'action' written in the first line.After that a link will be written.Copy that link.
Now open filesnatcher in a new window which is installed on your webserver.Paste the link in the filesnatcher.Now go to the rapidshare page which you have opened earlier.In that after countdown ends,you will see an image in which some alphabets or numerals or both will be written.Copy what is written in the image.Now open your filesnatcher window in which you have copied the link earlier.In the filesnatcher just after the link put a forward slash(/) and then ? and write 'accesscode=text written on image which you have copied earlier' and then click submit.
The file will be copied to your webserver.

I think you can use this trick to copy files directly to webhost from other file hosts also. But i have not tried this trick with other file hosts. You can try it and if you're able to copy files from other filehosts also then please leave a comment here.


Earn money from videos that you uploaded in youtube or google videos

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All of you must be knowing about youtube
and must be using it to share videos. But you don't get anything.

But there's a site, moneytube, which pays
you to share videos. Moneytube gives you
link of your video which you can promote. You get paid according to how many
times your video has been watched. So, more the views the more the money.

But there's one thing that moneytube does not allow you to upload videos. After
reading this line you might be thinking that if it does not allow to upload
videos then how we can share it with others. Its very simple.

In order to share videos with others you have to upload your video to
youtube or google video. Then copy your
video link from youtube or google video. Then open moneytube and click on "ADD
" (After logging in). Then paste your video url (which you copied
earlier) in the text box and in the next text box enter the name of your video
and then in the last text box enter your video tags (keywords which others can
use to search your video) and click submit. You're done. Then you'll be given a
link which you can promote and earn money.

Other than youtube and google video it supports some other sites also.

Take a look at my videos :-

san andreas bike stunts

Top ten best and worst games

90 degree push ups - Guinness World Record



Less power to the point

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Of course Microsoft and Google rule the world, but little things here and there keep reinforcing the fact. Take this for instance: a not-overlyfamous researcher at the University of New South Wales publishes a not-so- groundbreaking paper on cognition, and it gets heavily publicised. Just because Professor Sweller said,"The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster. It should be ditched." Note the use of word "PowerPoint"; he didn't use the generic "presentation application." He did what's not done: criticise the use of a Microsoft product.

To begin at the beginning: Prof John Sweller-Who specialises in cognitive research-theorised and discovered that people cannot digest information properly when it comes in two different forms, spoken and written. To quote the professor,"It is effective to speak to a diagram, becauseit presents information in a different form. But it is not effective to speak the same words that are written, because it is putting too much load on the mind and decreases your ability to understand what is being presented."

Come to think of it, why do people present something on a projected screenand reiterate it by saying the same thing? What's the Point (pun very much intented)? It's probably (to the bestof our understanding) what is known in educational circles as pedagogical device that relies on reinforcement. Sweller is now saying that it doesn't work, and that it should be done away with.

It's been done for so long now, preparing neat PowerPoint slides and delivering spiel. Think of that oft-repeated phrase,"I need to deliver this presentation". Nice, bulleted points. Fonts. Heading styles. Borders. Etc. And all for naught? That's exactly what Sweller is saying. Imagine all the (implied) lost productivity; and imagne the idea that there's not much Power in the Point after all.

OK, so this is just one professor's work, but what if the idea were to gain momentum.....would it mean the end of all those fonts and bulleted points? The end of the way execs and their minions do things every boring buisness day?


Microsoft targets the poor

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Recently, Microsoft executives were all abuzz about their latest plan to target 5 billion users who aren't already using PCs. With global population of over six billion people, Microsoft is appalled that only under a billion use its products-including pirated software users. In a bid to make this more Microsoft-dependent world, the company is looking to make deals with governments to provide cheaper versions of its popular software for students and the under privileged.

When you think about it, of all the software that Microsoft makes, two really stand out: Windows XP, Microsoft office. While most of us privileged users might have to spend several months' salaries to afford these software.

The offer? How does $3 sound as a price tag for Windows XP Starter Edition, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Microsoft Math 3.0, Learning Essentials 2.0 for MS Office and Windows Live Mail Desktop? Unbelievable? Believe it! Termed the Student Innovation Suite, Gates unveiled Microsoft's plans during a speech in China in mid-April. Although the Microsoft student Innovation Suite (MSIS) is meant for students, it doesn't apply only to schools and colleges- students can use this at home, and Microsoft knows that entire family will probably use the same PC.

So is Microsoft selling all these great products for $3 to everyone? Not on your life, as always, there's a catch. Remember, the software is being sold to governments, not the students themselves. And is supplemented by the provision that he governments have to pay at least 50 per cent of the price of the PC that MSIS is bundled with.


Good, useful freewares

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Here are some good, useful freewares.


It is actually an entire Linux distro that's targeted at multimedia entusiast.

Dyne:bolic is shaped o the needs of media activists, artists and creatives as a
practical tool for multimedia production.You can manipulate and broadcast both
sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, having
automatically recognized most device and peripherals: audio, video, TV, network
cards, firewire, USB and more; all using only freeware.

Basically it is a Live CD of a distro that bundles in a lot of open source
multimedia software.

Take a look at audio software bundled with it.

XMMS: An audio player that can play Internet streams and local
files and can be customized with plugins.

Timidity: A midi synthesizer that uses GUS patches to render your
MIDI files into audio files, a wel as make you listen to MIDI partitures.

Hydrogen: A drum machine that lets you load sample kits of
instruments and compose a partiture for them to play on a specific rythm. You
can download more drum kits for it from

Jack Rack: A powerful effect rack that can apply chains of audio
plugins on the sound currently being played by other programs.

Freewhelling: A funky application that lest you record and play
multiple files samples in real time, so that they can loop, and can be overlayed
one after the other.

Ardour: The fully featured multi track studio that offers the most
advanced interface for your music recording studio.

Audacity: I have mentioned about it in my previous post.

Rezound: A sample editor that lets you manipulate your music
samples, record, loop and apply effects using an intuitive and complete

.....And much more including games, email clients, html editors, etc.

for more information.


If you're looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator or corel draw, chances
are you'll find it in Inkscape. It comes for windows, linux, Mac os x.

Inkscape's primary function is as an editor for the SVG (scalable vector
graphics) format-the W3C'S XML format for vector graphics on the web. Because
SVG is nothing but plain text that is rendered to an image by the browser,it is
very bandwith friendly.

Inkscape is light, easy to learn, and an undoubted essential if you want to
create SVG images for your web site. And with the three major browsers
supporting SVG, it might just be time to consider that.



Dia is a simple tool to create flowcharts in a quick and painless manner. It
lets you create various shapes, connect them in the flowchart and even create
custom shapes.

To expand Dia's capabilities, you will need to use one of the many programs
available-Dia2SQL,for example, turns your Dia diagrams into SQL databases-very
handy if you're structuring your website.



the inexplicably named sodipodi is another alternative to for vector
illustration, and apart from the way it looks, is much like Inkscape.

Its primary graphics format is also SVG.

It runs a bit slower than Inkscape.



GIMP, or GNU image manipulation program, was first released by two berkeley
students in 1996.It has since evolved into a powerful little program.
Installation in windows is just a breeze.

The GIMP is definetly not aimed at beginners.


Some good 2D and 3D Animation tools

Take a look at some cool, good 2D Animation tools.

The best thing about them is all of them are open source means that they are
available for free and can be freely distributed.


Increasing frustratio nover lack of a flash authoring tool for linux eventually
led to the starting of the FLASH4LINUX project, which got embroiled in legal
issues regarding the name. The project shut down, and in its place rose UIRA.

Actionscript support is little shaky, so as long as you stick to making basic
SWF animations without programming. The interface is built to be similar to
flash to make the transition easy and lets you import SVG files for your



Synfig is also a 2d animation tool but it is not very good. Using synfig is
quite like any vector drawing tool, only you can animate your drawings once you
are done with them.



Blender is an excellent 3D modelling and editing program, and in my experience
one of the best open source tools ever. One thing i don't like in blender is its
unconventional interface. The interface is easy one to master but not to a

You can get blender for both windows and linux, and both versions are quite
stable and bug-free.

Apart from letting buddind 3D artists explore their skills, blender comes well
loaded for proffesionals as well. You can also create your own games in blender,
though not without some programming knowledge.


Wings 3D

wings 3D is a tool for creating 3D models and doesn't pretend to be anything

If you're looking to build models with high levels of and tremendous complexity,
though, wings shouldn't be your first choice. It does not support animation.



Ever wanted to build your own pirate ship but were too lazy to get started? Or
was it that you weren't yet skilled enough in the ways of 3d graphics programs?
Free!ship comes to the rescue, built specifically to let you design and modify
ship hulls.

Free!ship also comes with features that calculate the performance of the hulls
if actually submerged in water.

It comes as an executable for windows, but works just as well with linux.



when we listen to online radio we come across many good/best/favourite music
tracks and thinks to save it on computer but then after we realize that this is
radio and we cannot save music tracks from it.

Here is a simple solution to your problems, Streamripper can do this all for

Streamripper grabs the audio stream from internet radio stations or different
sites that play music online only.

It is a very good software and helped me a lot.

Now, whenever i want i can save my favourite music tracks from different radio

I think you should give it a try.




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Want to do a spot of flyingover New York or London? How about the moon or mars? Hop over to Goggles, a flight simulator that uses images from Google's mapping service. Select your locationand click Start. A small plane will fly over the actual terrain of the location you selected. Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre around and the spacebar to fire bullets! What's more you can extend the simulation to fly over your hometown. The full instructions ae available at Finally, When you get tired of flying around, just hold the Up arrow key and watch your plane explode on the ground.


Warcraft 3

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I am playing  WARCRAFT 3 from a long time and now i have
become quiet a good player.

Here are some good tips (mine) which you can use to win battles.

(1). Use the [Shift] key while assigning workers (peons too) to build
up. You can queue up multiple buildings this way to be built by a single worker.
Never keep builder units idle.

(2). Don't hoard gold! If, in first five minutes of the game, you have more
than 350 gold, you are not rich - you are slow! Tech up the research tree, build
more buildings and units. You aren't earning any interest on all that yellow !

(3). Attack and attack early ! We can't stress on this enough. Don't let your
opponent build up, research up, and for God's sake, don't let him expand ! Keep
harassing his base, all the while bolstering your forces, and teching up!

(4). Once you have your first hero, rally your troops to him by setting his
portrait as a rally point (by right clicking on it), for all troop production
buildings. This way any newly created units will automatically take off after
you hero, irrespective of where he is on the map. This really saves a lot of

(5). As Human you can use peasants to creep close to your base. Just convert
some of them to militia (keep some at resources too), and use the rest.

(6). Build orders are very important, but can change from opponent to
opponent. Here's a sample - as soon as the game starts, put four workers on
gold, queue a sixth worker , and put the fifth on your altar (hero production
building). As soon as the second worker appears, put him on your primary troop
production. At the same time, remove one of the guys tasked on gold, and use him
to build a farm (or your race equivalent structure), the seventh worker should
be put on wood, while the fifth worker who should have finished the altar - task
him back to the gold mine. You now have five gold miners, and the rest of your
workforce should either build or focus on wood.

(7). When you attack make sure you pull back units that are wounded, employ
hit and run tactics, and you can keep couple of powerful summoned units (if your
hero is summoner) just out side the enemy base. This way, while retreating, you
get some free hits in case enemy follow you.

(8). When you pull back units, pull them for short distance, regroup, and
focus again. Never pull back entirely from an enemy base.

(9). Focus-fire works wonders with ranged damage units, like riflemen,
archers etc, - but do not use focus-fire when attacking with melee. Simply
attack ground : focus firing will waste precious time, as your melee units will
take damage, just getting into position to attack the unit you focused on.




Hide files inside JPG

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I found an interesting tutorial. You can hide files inside an innocent looking JPG image. The secretly created image file will open in any image viewer just like a normal file but if you open it with winrar you will find the hidden files. Pretty neat trick.Very few would be knowing it.
Click on the link below to watch the tutorial (its a video tutorial)


Make your USB cable to charge your mobile

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You're a road warrior - complete with laptop, but your cell phone is running
out of power. You need it on, but there's not a power outlet in sight. What do
you do? In the post -K750i era, most phones will charge off their USB cables,
but fret not if you have an older phone- if you've got a charger and USB cable
to spare, you can make your own in 15 minutes! The method works with most phones
that have 3.6 volt Li-ion battery, but still may not work with some, so make
sure it's a spare charger that you're using.

(1). Know thy USB

The two extremes (pins 4 and 1 from left to right) are the ones we're after-
they're the negative and the positive terminals for USB power respectively. Pins
2 and 3 are for data.

(2). Hack 'EM up

Use a wire cutter or just a blade to cut and open up both the charger and USB
cable. The red and black wires in the USB cable are what we're concerned
with-the white and green are for data, so don't bother with those. Your charger
should have red and black wires too. In the given image one wire is of USB cable and other is of charger.

(3). Making Ends Meet

You've probably guessed this now-join the two red wires and the two black
wires. If  you have access to one, use a soldering iron and secure the
connections using solder. This will keep it intact even if you use it a bit
roughly. Insulate them from each other using electrical tape (extremely
), and you're done!

(4). Testing...

Voila! It works! the next time you have a battery emergency, just
leech power off your laptop and make that all important call!.


Throw paper

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How good is your aim ? Can you throw a piece of paper into a basket in a strong
wind ? This thoroughly addictive game has only one objective: get the piece of
paper into the basket against a head wind at varying speeds and direction (left
or right only). Very simple to play - click on the piece of paper and wait for
the oscillating arrow to reach the direction in which you want it to get
released. Based on the wind speed, the paper will curve through the air, and
depending on the direction of your release will either fall in the basket or
outside. Think it's easy ? Just try it out.



Secure your sensitive data

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In this article, you will learn about how to protect access to sensitive data on
your computer. Follow the tips below and your data is safe.

(1). Use a BIOS system password

One of the basic ways of securing your PC is to prevent it from even booting
unless a password is entered. This is achieved  by assigning a system
password in the BIOS. Once you enter the BIOS, look for an option that says
"System Password". 

Usually, you can either set a BIOS Password, which prevents open access to
the BIOS, or a system password, which allows booting only if a password is
entered. Assign a system password when prompted. Once the password has been
confirmed, you can save your settings and exit the BIOS. Now, when your computer
restarts, you will have to enter the password during booting. This can be your
first line of defence. However, the BIOS password can be reset by someone who
knows his way around the motherboard.

(2). The windows password

If your guest account is enabled in windows 2000 or XP, you may turn it off
so only registered users and Administrator can get into the windows. This
setting can be accessed by going to User Accounts in the Control Panel. This
should take care of most intruders except for the really determined ones who,
given enough time, can boot off a CD or USB drive and copy or read your files.

(3). Encrypting Files

Even if someone does get into your system, you can still prevent them from
opening your files, by using XP's encryption feature. Encrypted files can be
opened only by the user who encrypted it.

Even if the encrypted file is copied onto another machine, it is not possible
to open it without a Security Certificate imported from the computer on which
the encryption was done. The encryption feature works only with the NTFS file

To go to the windows encryption feature right click on File > Properties >
Advanced > Encrypt Files

(4). Passwords in MS office

If you want to protect you documents, you can assign a password to your MS
office and files from within the software. In MS office
applications, you can assign a password by going to File>SaveAs>Tools>Security

Here you can assign passwords for modifying or even viewing the file.

If you want to protect images which cannot be password protected then you can
add your files to winzip or winrar archive and assign password to it.

(5). Other Tips

Some people are not satisfied with all this and wanted to do more to protect
their data. Other then the tips given above you can change the extension of
file, rename it to make it look like a system file, change the date attributes
and then move it to windows folder where no one can identify it unless they know
the exact file name. File hiding software such as Magic Folders and Gate Keeper
offer encryption and hiding of files.       


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