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Here are some good, useful freewares.


It is actually an entire Linux distro that's targeted at multimedia entusiast.

Dyne:bolic is shaped o the needs of media activists, artists and creatives as a
practical tool for multimedia production.You can manipulate and broadcast both
sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, having
automatically recognized most device and peripherals: audio, video, TV, network
cards, firewire, USB and more; all using only freeware.

Basically it is a Live CD of a distro that bundles in a lot of open source
multimedia software.

Take a look at audio software bundled with it.

XMMS: An audio player that can play Internet streams and local
files and can be customized with plugins.

Timidity: A midi synthesizer that uses GUS patches to render your
MIDI files into audio files, a wel as make you listen to MIDI partitures.

Hydrogen: A drum machine that lets you load sample kits of
instruments and compose a partiture for them to play on a specific rythm. You
can download more drum kits for it from

Jack Rack: A powerful effect rack that can apply chains of audio
plugins on the sound currently being played by other programs.

Freewhelling: A funky application that lest you record and play
multiple files samples in real time, so that they can loop, and can be overlayed
one after the other.

Ardour: The fully featured multi track studio that offers the most
advanced interface for your music recording studio.

Audacity: I have mentioned about it in my previous post.

Rezound: A sample editor that lets you manipulate your music
samples, record, loop and apply effects using an intuitive and complete

.....And much more including games, email clients, html editors, etc.

for more information.


If you're looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator or corel draw, chances
are you'll find it in Inkscape. It comes for windows, linux, Mac os x.

Inkscape's primary function is as an editor for the SVG (scalable vector
graphics) format-the W3C'S XML format for vector graphics on the web. Because
SVG is nothing but plain text that is rendered to an image by the browser,it is
very bandwith friendly.

Inkscape is light, easy to learn, and an undoubted essential if you want to
create SVG images for your web site. And with the three major browsers
supporting SVG, it might just be time to consider that.



Dia is a simple tool to create flowcharts in a quick and painless manner. It
lets you create various shapes, connect them in the flowchart and even create
custom shapes.

To expand Dia's capabilities, you will need to use one of the many programs
available-Dia2SQL,for example, turns your Dia diagrams into SQL databases-very
handy if you're structuring your website.



the inexplicably named sodipodi is another alternative to for vector
illustration, and apart from the way it looks, is much like Inkscape.

Its primary graphics format is also SVG.

It runs a bit slower than Inkscape.



GIMP, or GNU image manipulation program, was first released by two berkeley
students in 1996.It has since evolved into a powerful little program.
Installation in windows is just a breeze.

The GIMP is definetly not aimed at beginners.


Some good 2D and 3D Animation tools

Take a look at some cool, good 2D Animation tools.

The best thing about them is all of them are open source means that they are
available for free and can be freely distributed.


Increasing frustratio nover lack of a flash authoring tool for linux eventually
led to the starting of the FLASH4LINUX project, which got embroiled in legal
issues regarding the name. The project shut down, and in its place rose UIRA.

Actionscript support is little shaky, so as long as you stick to making basic
SWF animations without programming. The interface is built to be similar to
flash to make the transition easy and lets you import SVG files for your



Synfig is also a 2d animation tool but it is not very good. Using synfig is
quite like any vector drawing tool, only you can animate your drawings once you
are done with them.



Blender is an excellent 3D modelling and editing program, and in my experience
one of the best open source tools ever. One thing i don't like in blender is its
unconventional interface. The interface is easy one to master but not to a

You can get blender for both windows and linux, and both versions are quite
stable and bug-free.

Apart from letting buddind 3D artists explore their skills, blender comes well
loaded for proffesionals as well. You can also create your own games in blender,
though not without some programming knowledge.


Wings 3D

wings 3D is a tool for creating 3D models and doesn't pretend to be anything

If you're looking to build models with high levels of and tremendous complexity,
though, wings shouldn't be your first choice. It does not support animation.



Ever wanted to build your own pirate ship but were too lazy to get started? Or
was it that you weren't yet skilled enough in the ways of 3d graphics programs?
Free!ship comes to the rescue, built specifically to let you design and modify
ship hulls.

Free!ship also comes with features that calculate the performance of the hulls
if actually submerged in water.

It comes as an executable for windows, but works just as well with linux.



when we listen to online radio we come across many good/best/favourite music
tracks and thinks to save it on computer but then after we realize that this is
radio and we cannot save music tracks from it.

Here is a simple solution to your problems, Streamripper can do this all for

Streamripper grabs the audio stream from internet radio stations or different
sites that play music online only.

It is a very good software and helped me a lot.

Now, whenever i want i can save my favourite music tracks from different radio

I think you should give it a try.


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