How to call free in any country through yahoo messenger

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This is the cool trick by using it you can call all over the world without any cost!!! You got it right bro its free like nothing!!!!
So i think you would wish to make free calls to anyone around the world(it could be any special one your gf/bf)!!!!!!!!
So by now i think you would definately want to make free calls.!!!!!
Besides being free calls these calls cant be traced,so you can do some naughty acts,
but do not misuse this trick!!!!!!!

This trick was known to me by one of my close friends residing at LAHORE(PAK.)!!!

So the trick goes like this=======>>>

* First you should be having yahoo messenger installed in your computer as most generally all
have it but in case if you dont have so because i am a kind hearted by nature so i am
providing you the link to download it!!!

* Sign in yahoo messenger

* There you will see a box right on the top of yahoo messenger
containing some text just like below highlighted in red circle.

* There you will have to type a number which is of U.S.A which is free of cost
The number goes like this..........+18003733411

* When you will call this number after some time a operator will reply and will say "main menu" and then you will have to reply from your mic. "free call"..

* Then the operator will reply something and after sometime a beep would be heard and a dial pad will come up where you will have to dial your destination number and after some time your call will be connected!!!!

* This maximum call limit will be 5 min.
After this if you wish to call again you will have to continue the same procedure!!!!
you can make unlimited calls from your P.C everyday anywhere around the globe.....
biggrinbiggrinl Is'nt It.............


How to find a lost mobile phone without going to policestation

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An IMEI number-The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is an international identity number used to uniquely identify a mobile phone. The 15-digit IMEI number is an electronic fingerprint transmitted every time a phone is used, which reveals the identity of the mobile handset.

How can I find out my IMEI number? IMEI numbers are independent of the phone number and are usually written underneath the battery or on the back of the handset. Mobile phone users can also check their 15 digit IMEI number by dialing *#06# on their mobile handset. Mobile phone owners should make a note of their IMEI number and keep the details in a safe place.

If u lost your mobile, send an e-mail to with the following info.
Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:

"No need to go to police station"


How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion

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Control User Logins By Hacking The Registry

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To control logon options, run the Registry Editor [Hack #83] and go to the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
Winlogon subkey, which contains a variety of logon settings (as well as some settings
not having to do directly with logons). Following are the most important values you
can edit to customize logons.

This setting lets you control how the system logon dialog box is used. If this String
value is present and set to 1, all users will have to enter both their username and
password to log on. If the value is 0, the name of the last user to log on will be
displayed in the system logon dialog box.

This String value contains the name of the last user who logged on. It will be
displayed only if the DontDisplayLastUserName value is not present or is set to 0.
LegalNoticeCaption and LegalNoticeText// Already discussed

This DWORD value lets you display a warning message to users a certain number of
days before their passwords are set to expire. It lets you determine how many days
ahead of time the warning should be issued. To edit the value, click the decimal
button and enter the number of days.

This String value enables or disables a button on the XP logon dialog box that lets the
system shut down. A value of 1 enables the button (so that it is shown); a value of 0
disables the button (so that it is not shown).

bIt determines the shellthe user interfacethat will be used by XP. The default is
Explorer.exe, but it can be another shell as wellfor example, the Program Manager
from older Windows versions. Type in the name of the program; for example,
Progman.exe for the Program Manager, or Taskman.exe for the Task Manager.

This DWORD value doesn't have to do with logons either, but it's another good one to
know. It sets whether to automatically restart the Windows shell if the shell crashes. A
value of 1 automatically restarts the shell. A value of 0 tells XP not to restart the shell,
forcing you to log off and then back on again to restart it.


Color a folder with a single click in Windows

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Latest versions of microsoft windows had new features of changing the colors of folders to be get identified easily. But what in case Xp user wants to do that. Here is small tool with which one can change the color of his folder with just a mouse click.Folder Marker is your small assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and comfort in any kind of computer work. Use Folder Marker to mark your folders.

One mouse-click and it becomes clear at once which documents have a high priority, and which of them have a normal or low priority. It is easy to see which operations have been finished completely, which are partly done and which haven't been started yet.

Folder Marker is very easy to use. To change color or icon of any folder, Just select an icon from the right-click menu of a folder and you are done! Only one step to change a folder icon.

You can assign different colors to different folders and you can even use new icons for your folders.Foldermaker is available in types,that is :
  • Folder Marker Pro
  • Folder Marker Home
  • Folder Marker Free

Folder Marker Free is a freeware add-on for Windows. This edition of Folder Marker contain only basic functions, so you should upgrade to Folder Marker Pro or Folder Marker Home.This folder marker will help you to change the color of your folder without installing new theme.

Download Folder Marker Free


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