Copy files from rapidshare directly to your webhost without downloading and uploading them

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I think all of you would be knowing about rapidshare (best file host). You might be using rapidshare to download various scripts. Some scripts might be very large. It takes time to download and upload especially if you're on a slower connection.

Through this hack you can directly copy files from rapidshare to your webserver.For this you only need FILESNATCHER and a proxy script installed on your server. Now, copy the link of the file which you want to download in the adress bar of your browser and then run it. Now, if that file is available then you will be shown a page. Scroll down and click on free button. When you will click on free button then a new page will open, in the new page when the countdown begins (time you have to wait before downloading the file) right click with your mouse and select viewsource.
When you will select viewsource some code will be shown to you. In that code search for string similar to the string given below :-


the string can be smaller than this or bigger than this.

Now,select the whole string and then open in a new window.When you will open this website you will be shown two text boxes.Copy the string which you have copied into the first textbox and click 'quickconvert'.When you will click on 'quickconvert', in the next text box some new code will appear.

In the new code,you will see 'action' written in the first line.After that a link will be written.Copy that link.
Now open filesnatcher in a new window which is installed on your webserver.Paste the link in the filesnatcher.Now go to the rapidshare page which you have opened earlier.In that after countdown ends,you will see an image in which some alphabets or numerals or both will be written.Copy what is written in the image.Now open your filesnatcher window in which you have copied the link earlier.In the filesnatcher just after the link put a forward slash(/) and then ? and write 'accesscode=text written on image which you have copied earlier' and then click submit.
The file will be copied to your webserver.

I think you can use this trick to copy files directly to webhost from other file hosts also. But i have not tried this trick with other file hosts. You can try it and if you're able to copy files from other filehosts also then please leave a comment here.

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