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I am playing  WARCRAFT 3 from a long time and now i have
become quiet a good player.

Here are some good tips (mine) which you can use to win battles.

(1). Use the [Shift] key while assigning workers (peons too) to build
up. You can queue up multiple buildings this way to be built by a single worker.
Never keep builder units idle.

(2). Don't hoard gold! If, in first five minutes of the game, you have more
than 350 gold, you are not rich - you are slow! Tech up the research tree, build
more buildings and units. You aren't earning any interest on all that yellow !

(3). Attack and attack early ! We can't stress on this enough. Don't let your
opponent build up, research up, and for God's sake, don't let him expand ! Keep
harassing his base, all the while bolstering your forces, and teching up!

(4). Once you have your first hero, rally your troops to him by setting his
portrait as a rally point (by right clicking on it), for all troop production
buildings. This way any newly created units will automatically take off after
you hero, irrespective of where he is on the map. This really saves a lot of

(5). As Human you can use peasants to creep close to your base. Just convert
some of them to militia (keep some at resources too), and use the rest.

(6). Build orders are very important, but can change from opponent to
opponent. Here's a sample - as soon as the game starts, put four workers on
gold, queue a sixth worker , and put the fifth on your altar (hero production
building). As soon as the second worker appears, put him on your primary troop
production. At the same time, remove one of the guys tasked on gold, and use him
to build a farm (or your race equivalent structure), the seventh worker should
be put on wood, while the fifth worker who should have finished the altar - task
him back to the gold mine. You now have five gold miners, and the rest of your
workforce should either build or focus on wood.

(7). When you attack make sure you pull back units that are wounded, employ
hit and run tactics, and you can keep couple of powerful summoned units (if your
hero is summoner) just out side the enemy base. This way, while retreating, you
get some free hits in case enemy follow you.

(8). When you pull back units, pull them for short distance, regroup, and
focus again. Never pull back entirely from an enemy base.

(9). Focus-fire works wonders with ranged damage units, like riflemen,
archers etc, - but do not use focus-fire when attacking with melee. Simply
attack ground : focus firing will waste precious time, as your melee units will
take damage, just getting into position to attack the unit you focused on.



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