The fastest internet connection on the planet

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Sigbritt Lothberg, a 75 year old granny in sweden, just got a 40 Gbps internet connection.

Its about 20,000 times faster than 2 Mbps, and 6 Lakh 40 Thousand times faster than a dial-up.

Interesting how such news spreads with such rapidity over the fibres, as it were... Lotherberg's home connection happens to be the fastest residential Internet connection on the planet.

Lotherberg can download a full-length dual-layer DVD in two seconds, or watch 1500 HDTV channels streamed simultaneously.

Let's see what Lotherberg might do with her connection, in increasing order of horror:
1. Download windows updates
2. Chat with relatives abroad
3. Play Yahoo! games with jovial granny-friends right in Sweden
4. Search for recipes online.

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