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AdLogger intends to prevent click-fraud on your websites by tracking visitors clicks and limiting the number of clicks one may make. AdLogger tracks AdSense clicks in real time and compiles the data for you to review.
The script determines if ads should be shown for a visitor depending on their clicking history. If one of your visitors is clicking too many ads, the script will automatically disable ads for that visitor so they won’t be allowed to click any more.
Requirements In order to install AdLogger, your server must meet a couple basic requirements. * PHP * MySQL * GD Library (optional)
Unzip the AdLogger package and upload it to your website using your favorite FTP program. The “adlogger” folder should reside inside your public_html or http directory such that it is accessible by going to www.domain.tld/adlogger/.
At this point, you can also change the permissions on the configuration files. Your FTP program most likely lets you CHMOD files to different permission levels. The 3 configuration files within the adlogger folder (config_admin.php, config_database.php, & config_settings.php) to writable status (0666).
Database Setup
To install AdLogger, you must have an available database on your server. Your host more than likely has a control panel that makes it easy to administer databases. You will need a database and a database user.
Script Installation
Once the database exists, we can start the AdLogger installation. Visit the adlogger directory by visiting www.YourSite.tld/adlogger. The installation wizard will guide you through the rest, asking just a few basic questions.

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