Live Search Vs. Google

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Good news for corporations in US. Microsoft has offered to pay if companies
force employees to use its Live Search engine. Now befor you start jumping up and down screaming foul and shooting off letters to your favourite, Google, you should Know that Microsoft is not paying jut anyone who uses Live Search, well, not yet at least. Instead, it is conducting a study on how well Live Search does in catering to corporate clientele. They're not paying up hard cash either, instead, They're offering the corporations free service for credits (redeemable for products or training). The current rate is $25000 for enrolling, and anywhere between $10 and $2 per computer, per year, depending on the amount of searching done. What this means is that a company with 20,000 computers, all of them using search frequently, can earn up to $255,000, just by using live search.

Now lets wait and see what google have to say about it.

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