Virtual weapons in real life - 1

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Instant Gratification

This weapon was made famous in the Quake genre, which allowed players a one-shot-kill on the opponents at the speed of light... now who wouldn't want this baby?

A weapon like this is being worked on. DARPA (United states Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been researching this for 10 years, and work continues. They are working on projectiles that do not contain explosives, but have extremely high kinetic speeds, which would, in theory make their kinetic energy superior to the energy output of a shell filled with explosives of greater mass. This would then enable soldiers to carry more ammunition.

There is working prototype at the University of Texas at Austin's institute for Advanced Technology, capable of delivering tungsten-armour-piercing bullets with kinetic energies of nine million joules-that's like ramming a ton truck into a wallat 80 Kmph! The only problem is that since the shells are fired at an extremely high velocity, the rail of the gun suffers from extreme damage, and has to be serviced aftyer every shot.

Nevertheless, we can't wait to see this one in action!

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