Easiest way to make xbox 360 backups

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Note this works with any valid Xbox 360 image.

This is the simplest tutorial on how to backup any xbox 360 game.

Disclaimer-To play backups u need to flash ur xbox 360 drive's bios which is illegal as the bios is copy protected material.Do at ur own Risk.

Tools you need (all are freeware)-

-Used to create xbox 360 backup images

2)Dual Layer DVD writer (expected sony or Liteon)

3)Verbatim Dual Layer DVD (DVD +R DL,not -R but +R)

- To change the Bit setting/book type to DVD Rom from DVD DL if u have
an LG/Hitachi Xbox 360 Drive.


Step 1-

A) Now insert the Xbox 360 game in your Dual Layer DVD writer. Run
Schtrom360XtractV3.2.exe which you downloaded.

B) Select the Dual Layer Drive drive. Select the destination (where the image is
to be stored).

C) Click on extract. In at least 10-15 minutes u have your *.000 and *.dvd file.

D) Now eject the Dual Layer Drive after the image has been prepared.

Step 2-

A) Inert a blank Dual Layer DVD (DVD +R DL) in the Dual Layer Dvd Drive.

B) Open The *.dvd file in notepad. Then copy the number after the "Layerbreak="

C) Open DVD Decrypter. On the menu bar above click on tools then on settings.

D) Goto ISO Write Mode. On the right hand side you will see a section called

E) In there is a Layer Break category with two radio buttons. Select the second
radio button, User Specified.

F) Under the radio button there is the option to enter sectors in L0. Here paste
the number u copied.

G) All xbox 360 games have layer breaks at same number so you'll have to set
this only once.

H) Now In the *.DVD file delete "LayerBreak=1913760".That means with the number.

I) Save the *.dvd file with name it previously had.

J) In DVD Decrypter, select Write Mode (just hit W and it will go into Write
Mode). Then open (File->Browse or click the little Browse icon underneath the
Source section of the

Write Dialog.) your *.DVD file. [NOTE: If you get a "Invalid or unsupported
image file format!" error when you load this file, it means your backup was made

K) Hit Burn. Burn close to 2X only then only will your xbox 360 read the backup
and not skip it.

L) If U have an xbox 360 with an LG/Hitachi Drive then you need to change the
bitsetting/book type to DVD rom from DVD DL. Use DVDinfopro free. Install
DVDinfopro free then run it and click on +RW icon at top and change the book
type. For every DVD DL Burner of different brand the options are different.

L) Optional: If you are going to use DVD Decrypter to burn anything OTHER than
360 backups, then go back to Tools -> Settings and remember to change the Layer
Break option on the ISO Write Mode tab BACK to Calculate Optimal.

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