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Things You’ll Need:

* A blog
* An AdSense account

We all like the gratification that comes from the positive feedback on a good article. But there is another kind of response that we all hope for and that is the income. We get AdSense income on some of the sites that we post to, but most often, people don't get as much money as they expected or wanted. It makes you wonder sometimes about how you are spending your time.

The ads that accompany our articles are an important source of income and a major reason to keep on writing. When we write and publish articles, the topics and the word-phrases we choose can vary a lot from one article to another. One thing to keep in mind is that it is the words in the article and the keywords that we attach that determine which ads will be presented to our readers. So you actually have a form of control over which ads will be displayed along side your articles.
Now for the good part. Some ads pay more that others. You know what I am going to say next. Yes, you need to attract high-paying advertisements with your posts.

You control who will read the article primarily with the title. The body text and the keywords attract the ads. Use the control that you have to affect your income.

Obviously the next question is: how do you know which ads pay more, and what keywords are they tied to? I am not sure that everyone will agree with the numbers that I am going to show you, but as always, in these matters, you be the judge.

Here are some keyword statistics, sorted by the highest pay per click values. You might be surprised to learn that some vendors are consistently paying twenty to forty dollars per click. To keep the list from being too long, I removed everything with an average click value of less than twenty dollars. Also, I only included a few letters of the alphabet. So the list below is by no means complete, but it does the job of suggesting the direction to take.

When you start using these keyword phases in your articles, I promise, your income will go up.
Here are my top fifty most valuable keyword phrases:

Federal Loan Consolidation $60.04
Donate Car $52.57
Donating Cars $45.96
Donate Your Car $43.45
Benchmark Lending $40.36
Compare Life Assurance $38.35
Donate Cars $37.77
Insurance Quote Term $37.29
Online Term Life Insurance Quote $36.10
Online Term Insurance $34.87
Comparison Insurance Life $34.79
Cover Critical Illness Insurance $31.31
Critical Illness Life Insurance $31.31
Critical Illness Insurance Uk $31.31
Term Life Insurance Uk $30.46
Compare Life Insurance $29.61
E Harmony $28.24
Best Student Loan Consolidation $27.23
Bill Consolidation $27.23
Bill Consolidation Loan $27.23
Bill Consolidation Loans $27.23
Consolidation Loan Uk $27.23
Consolidation Loans Uk $27.23
Consolidation Services $27.23
Consolidation Uk $27.23
Consolidations $27.23
Consolidations Loan $27.23
Consolidations Student Loan $27.23
Dept Consolidation $27.23
Federal Consolidation $27.23
Federal Consolidation Loan $27.23
Federal Consolidation Loans $27.23
Federal Direct Consolidation Loan $27.23
Cover Mortgage Protection $27.05
No Cost Closing Loan $26.87
Criminal Federal Lawyer $25.52
Domino Anti Spam $24.26
Baines And Ernst $24.09
Criminal Defense Lawyer $24.08
Online Term Insurance Quote $23.40
Bad Debt $22.25
Best Debt Consolidation $22.25
Best Debt Consolidation Company $22.25
Business Debt Consolidation $22.25
Bad Debt Loan $22.25
Christian Debt Counseling $22.25
Christian Debt $22.25
Christian Debt Consolidation $22.25
So what does this tell us about 'How To' maximize your ad income from blog articles? Easy. Write about:
1. Insurance
2. Consolidation Loans
3. Insurance
4. Debt

Let's not forget about the surprises near the top of the list, 'Donate Your Car'!

What we also see is that there are major groupings of keyword phrases that suggest industries that are profitable to write about. So does this mean that you will abandon the subject of your passion? Of course not. But you might choose to research, write and publish an article once in a while that deals with credit and debt. At least that is what the numbers tell me to do.

You might wonder how long this list will work for you? After working in banks for twenty years, I can tell you that the average consumer debt has only gone up in that time. If no one has told you, there is a Healthcare crisis in America and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

How To make some good out of these conditions?
Plan on writing articles on 'Insurance', 'Debt' and 'Credit' for years to come. It's in the numbers.

Tips & Warnings

* Keep writing
* Use the powerful keywords
* Did you notice that there are 50 powerful keyword phrases in this article?
* Many of those subjects are unknown to me
* Don't ignore your favorite subjects
* Do your research - don't post an article just to use the keywords

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